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1 inch Rifle Sling Snap Hooks, 2 pack Milspec Keychain Fob with Split Ring Keychain with Split Ring and Rifle Snap
Milspec Keychain Fob with Split Ring
Our Price: $12.00
Sale Price: $6.00
Keychain with Split Ring and Rifle Snap
Our Price: $12.00
Sale Price: $6.00
  • Made in the USA. Berry compliant.
  • Black oxide coated
  • Outer width 1-1/4-inches
  • Length 2-inches
  • For use with 1'' webbing
Made with 1" Milspec webbing and 1'' split ring, keep your keys or anything else easily in reach. About a 6" loop. Want it bigger or smaller? Contact us. Made with 1" Milspec webbing, a 1'' steel rifle snap, and 1 1/4'' split ring, keep your keys or anything else easily in reach. About a 6" loop. Want it bigger or smaller? Contact us.
1 inch Quick Detach Swivel Tourniquet Holder Wrap Around Belt Hanger, Lanyard
Tourniquet Holder
Our Price: $12.99
Use with 1'' webbing
Made in the USA
Constructed using 3'' poly elastic webbing. Backed with hook velcro so it can be mounted to any loop velcro surface. Can also be wrapped around a belt to secure TQ, velcro backing allows it to aid in attachment of a two belt system and keeps it from sliding when worn on a regular belt.

Holds most common TQs such as CAT, SOFT, SOFT-W, RATS, etc

Additional smaller loop can hold pen, pencil, sharpie, chem light, or any other similar sized item.

Trauma shears can also be held in pouch with TQ if user requires.
Milspec webbing and hook and loop for closure.
Designed to hang keys, gloves, a shot timer, or anything you could think of from any belt; including all of our two-belt systems. You can also use it to attach larger items like a water bottle to the outside of a a backpack.
Perfect for any range day, shooting event, every day use, hiking, camping, travel, etc.
Made in the USA using US made materials and hardware.
Pistol Arm Brace Strap Gleipnir - Holster Leash TQ Kit Hanger
Pistol Arm Brace Strap
Our Price: $14.00
Gleipnir - Holster Leash
Our Price: $15.99
TQ Kit Hanger
Our Price: $20.00
Constructed with 1'' Milspec webbing.  Fits most pistol stabilizing braces. If you sometimes choose to carry your firearm in a purse, bag, or backpack this is the product for you. It uses a small section of resin impregnated nylon belt material secured to 550 paracord tether and a split ring. Your holster belt clip secures firmly over the section of belt. You can use the split ring to attach to the links of the strap to a purse and discreetly store your firearm in your purse. You can also secure it to an interior attachment on any backpack or satchel.
This product ensures safe carry and convenient one handed draw, even when in a bag.
The TQ med kit hanger is designed to be hung between the layers of a two belt system or a plate carrier's cummerbund system or any similar set up

Designed to hang down below the belt allowing the user to still have access to the molle or belt to maximize gear placement and ergonomics

Holds Trauma shears and most modern tourniquets and has a small loop for a pen, sharpie, needle decompression, or other similar item

Shears and TQ can be oriented to face either left or right at user's preference

Separate TQ and shears loops allows either item to be withdrawn and replaced without having to move the other items in the hanger
MOLLE Water Bottle Holder Ballistic Helmet Carrying Case
MOLLE Water Bottle Holder
Our Price: $24.00
Ballistic Helmet Carrying Case
Our Price: $90.00
Sale Price: $65.00
Designed to hold any size water bottle you may have. Closure strap has velcro to adjust to the size of the bottle. Two loops to hold the closure strap in place for tall or short bottles. Molle strap attaches holder to any molle surface.

Woodland version uses 2'' polyester webbing
All other colors use 2'' milspec webbing
  • *Made with 1000D nylon waterproof, abrasion resistant, padded inner lining for improved protection.
  • *Dual silent zippers and side release buckle ensures it only takes a few seconds to open and access gear, inner mesh pocket to hold gear such as helmet camera rail, flashlight, NVGs, Headsets, etc.
  • *MOLLE webbing on both sides for attaching additional gear, battery pouch, med kit, etc. Back straps can attach the carrying bag to your backpack or any other MOLLE surface.
  • * Suitable for most regular size ballistic helmets, riding helmets, motorcycle helmets (not full face helmets), flight helmets, bump helmets, etc.
  • * 6 liters of storage space and a soft inner lining and adjustable interior strap, all designed to keep your helmet in place, protected and easily accessible