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Rapid Application Tourniquet System's Accessory Storage Sleeve (RATSASS) Tourniquet Holder R.A.T.S – Rapid Application Tourniquet
Tourniquet Holder
Our Price: $12.99
Made from high quality 3" elastic. Don't let your RATS Tourniquet become a tangled mess in your kit. Always be ready with our RATSASS. Constructed using 3'' poly elastic webbing. Backed with hook velcro so it can be mounted to any loop velcro surface. Can also be wrapped around a belt to secure TQ, velcro backing allows it to aid in attachment of a two belt system and keeps it from sliding when worn on a regular belt.

Holds most common TQs such as CAT, SOFT, SOFT-W, RATS, etc

Additional smaller loop can hold pen, pencil, sharpie, chem light, or any other similar sized item.

Trauma shears can also be held in pouch with TQ if user requires.

R.A.T.S – Rapid Application Tourniquet – A solid vulcanized rubber core with a nylon sheath combined with a unique locking mechanism make this a simple and incredibly fast tourniquet to apply to self or others.

The RATS hallmark is use under stress.

U.S. PAT. NO. 9,168,044

TQ Kit Hanger
TQ Kit Hanger
Our Price: $20.00
The TQ med kit hanger is designed to be hung between the layers of a two belt system or a plate carrier's cummerbund system or any similar set up

Designed to hang down below the belt allowing the user to still have access to the molle or belt to maximize gear placement and ergonomics

Holds Trauma shears and most modern tourniquets and has a small loop for a pen, sharpie, needle decompression, or other similar item

Shears and TQ can be oriented to face either left or right at user's preference

Separate TQ and shears loops allows either item to be withdrawn and replaced without having to move the other items in the hanger