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Hexmag Gun Rail Covers
Hexmag 7 Slot KeyMod Wedge-LOK Cover 4 Pack
Our Price: $21.75
Sale Price: $23.99
Don't leave your gun rial unprotected. A nicked or dinged run rail can create an inconsistent mounting surface for your optics, and the rails themselves can be sharp. So protect yourself and your gear with Hexmag low-profile rail covers, available for M-Loc, Wedgelok, KeyMod Wedgelok, and Picatinny rail systems in a high=performance, non=slip design, They look amazing, function better than others on the market and complete your rifle's ability to get the job done.

  • Choose from 7 or 18 slots for convenient scope adjustment, depending on rail
  • Available in Black or FDE
  • T6 Aluminum Body
  • Gen 2 Steel Barrel Nut
  • Lightweight
  • Removable Side And Bottom Rails
  • Thin Profile
  • Monolithic Top Rail Is Continous With Flatop Receiver
  • Three Sectional Rails Included
  • Sectional Rails Can Be Moved To Different Positions
  • Anodized Finish
  • New Design
  • Internal Diameter: 1.34"
  • US Made
  • T6 Aluminum Body
  • Air Lite Series
  • Nice Annodized Black Finish
  • Proprietary Lightweight Aluminum Barrel Nut Included
  • Total Weight Including Barrel Nut Is 8.0 oz!!
  • 5 KeyMod Slots On 3 Sides of Front End Of Handguard
  • Triangle / Diamond Cuts Throughout Handguard to Reduce Weight
  • Rail System Slides Over Barrel Nut , And Is Locked Up Against Receiver With 6 Screws
  • Tight Fit Up Against Receiver, Which Allows For A Monolithic Top Rail
  • 12" Length
  • Heavy Duty
  • Internal Diameter: 1.34
  • Available options
10" Black, FDE, OD Green
12" Black, FDE, OD Green, Red
15" Black, FDE, OD Green, Red, Blue, Burnt Bronze, Zombie Green, Pink, Baby Blue, White